Elevate Your Brand Experience

With today’s challenges, companies know that new strategies must be enacted to both stay relevant and to get back into the game.  Choose from these topics or Barry can customize a presentation to address your specific needs.  Whether Barry comes to your organization to speak, lead a workshop, or work together through an online seminar, it’s all about helping you create Magic, get the right message, and leave inspired.

Customer Service

Customer Service

A Symphony Of Service...

Creating a ‘Symphony of Service’ is what happens when everyone works in harmony as a team to provide a positive customer experience.  Just like an orchestra blends together their musicians, so should this be the way you approach and engage your employees…everyone working from the same sheet of music.

This teamwork and customer service program can help you build staff support and engagement.  You’ll learn ways to infuse your current culture with an increased focus towards establishing your brand’s guest-facing experience to both surprise and delight your customers. 

Post-Corona Comeback

Making A Post-Corona Comeback

How To Get Started...

How are you preparing for your company’s future?  The key is to be proactively thinking about next steps for your business to make a successful Post-Corona Comeback.  It’s not as easy as just ‘flipping the switch.’  How you adapt and evolve will determine your company’s future success.  It starts with the Care and Concern you implement for your employees and customers that align with expected safety requirements.  From employee onboarding and training, to preparation for the customer service experience, it’s crucial that you develop an immediate plan of action.

How To Get Started…I am here to help, along with a team of expert thought partners.  No matter what your business, our approach has an industry-wide appeal.  We will assess your current state and partner with you to create and apply new standards, preparing you and your employees for the challenges ahead.  Whether video conferencing to a group or one-on-one, the time to get started is now.

Walt Disney World Insider

Insider's View

From Main Street To Your Street...

Barry brings you an Insider’s View into the customer service strategies for success that built one of the largest customer experience and hospitality icons in the world.  He will share real-life experiences from his 37 years working for the ‘Mouse’ and take you on his personal journey of lessons learned along the way.

Leadership Consultant


Essential Strategy To Engage Your Team...

How do you educate and engage your leadership team to provide an appropriate culture of service as it relates to your current business and environment?  It starts at the top with team development.  Learn how to set your leadership goals and expectations for performance excellence and employee buy-in, create a culture where everyone loves to come to work, feels safe, and accurately represents your brand to the customer.


Topics For Your Specific Needs